B1A4 – Let’s Fly ( Album review )

Is it B1A4 or A1B4 ?? I can’t seem to get it right. I know it has something to do with their blood types or the fact that they are all for

one and whatever but it’s still hard to pronounce and to remember.

Anyway, earlier this year they debuted with the Let’s Fly mini album and for a rookie band I think this was a nice start. The fact that I wasn’t expecting something too pretentious helped. The boys are young, they still play the cuteness card and are full of energy. I like that in a band. I want all performances to be about them enjoying the singing, the audience and everything in between. Most kpop artist lack that. Being overly protective with your choreo and showing it, that isn’t a nice view.

The songs are fun to listen and I like the fact that they tried different styles. My favourites are Remember and Only You. The black

Weird and funny reaction on stage during choreo malfunction

sheep has to be Bling Girl, way too similar to O.K. and with a  much weaker composition.
I hope that with the next project they will get out of the comfort zone and target an older audience, not just adolescents. Not with a more mature look, but with a more mature sound.
Final rating : 7.8/10( just to encourage them to be more than just O.K. )


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