DBSK – Survivor

This is my reaction at the sight of this MV. Sorry, at the sight of Yoochun.

Survivor is the quintessential pop song. It reminds me a lot of the looks and music from the beginning of the 2000. It doesn’t have the aggressive sound of the mid 2000’s and the bubblyness of the majority of songs released towards the end of that last decade. Actually is somehow of a mix of all these along with a powerful feel good message, realising a perfect combo. I love all of the boy’s voices but I’m especially fond of Yoochun’s performance. You may say I have a thing or two for him. I call it ” wobbly thing inside my loins-like feeling”.
Even the english verses are made more coherent in this release. I’ve already learned not to be so picky when it comes to the grammatic of english inserts in kpop. Also, survivor, as a concept, is a well-known one, be it just granted to that song by Destiny’s Child.
In regards to the clip, I get the same impression, it’s the beginning of the year 2000, with the boys dressed in futuristic minimalistic white outfits ( oh, so many -tic ending words that tremble the hearts of the composers from SM). I like the short shots that try to create somewhat of a story, like when they are staring at those computers, like really trying to find a way to save the world ( well, you are Gods, you should be full of superpowers, forget about informatics, just, use your laser thingies ). I dig the earthquake and the imminence of a tragic ending. I love how the choreo comes at the perfect moment to lift up the level of tension and the fact that the overall impression of the clip is that it isn’t a too pretentious one. Sometimes, less is more. The one thing that I don’t get is that in the last image, that postapocalyptic view of the world, they are MIA. They should be out there on the streets, singing about surviving, dancing their hearts out and giving hope to the humanity, I say !
In the end, both subjective and objective, the boys deserve a high rating of appreciation : 9.6/10.

Jaejoon can now breath easily. Tha liked his song. kekeke


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