Jay Park – Take A Deeper Look ( album review )

The very few things I know about Jay Park are : the fact that he used to be a member of 2PM untill out of a sudden he decided to go solo and that he has chocolate abs. In what concerns the last piece of information I just couldn’t say no to his request to take a deeper look at them. ( O.O )

I have a love-hate relationship with r&b. It’s a painful experience for me to listen to such songs from R.Kelly or Usher. The abuse of vocal embroidery makes me sick and the overall impression is that I’m listening to the same melody over and over again. On the other hand, a more inspired sound could lighten up my interest. Michael Jackson does that. Or did. Still does, MJ is not dead, you hear me ??? In the world of kpop, Wheesung does that too. But more about me and my crush on Wheesung in another episode.

Getting back to Jay Park’s Take A Deeper Look, sadly, this album managed to aggravate my imaginary heart disease. Proverbial were the verses from Can’t Be Without You, the 4th track : ” I’m so hurt-girl/ I need a doc-tor”.
The first song, Touch The Sky, features rap parts by the Quiett ( never heard of ) and the refrain goes something like this : ah ah aa aah/ ah ah aaaa aaaah.

Abandoned has Jay agonising about how lonely he feels and how sad that is and how a better place the world would be if the war in the middle east were to come to an end. That’s my interpretation of the song. You give a better one if you can !

To Jay Park’s despair, his flashy comeback track, Tonight, shared the title with the one Big Bang was supposed to release at about the same time. Needless to say his performances were delayed a few weeks and Abandoned was chosen for promotions. He did perform Tonight but later on, when the harm had already been done. Remember the Big Bang comeback tsunami ??

Jay needs to give party anthems to his audience because his r&b style is, to say the least, outdated. Tonight isn’t that party anthem. You need something with a faster beat to show off those abs more.
The rest of the songs are fairly similar to the ones I already talked about and, to be sincere, I felt too bored to even try to pay attention while listening. The one thing that did caught my attention was the last song. It talks about some Bestie ( yes, this is the original spelling ) girl Jay Park is supposedly infatuated with. How exactly does she look and in which African desert can

she be found remain a mystery, but she’s his “everything”. How romantic…

Final rating : 3.4/10 Also because he has the most annoying voice i’ve heard since Akon and it’s hard to top Akon.



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