2PM – Hands Up ( album review )

It’s the hardest thing ever for me to take 2PM seriously. Any way I try to look at them, that one Matrix performance consequently pops up in my mind and I start to laugh hysterically.

Well, as long as JYP doesn’t take himself too seriously when he’s dancing to MC Hammer’s Too Legit To Quit, I’m sure he meant

Wooyoung's reaction to my stupid talk

Wooyoung's reaction to my stupid talk

the same thing for 2PM’s performance.
2PM’s songs are kind of, erm, weird. Their vocal parts sound ugly but in an attractive way. I can’t say for sure if I like or dislike them, but they leave a lasting impression. Along with the visuals, the overall effect is devastating for my health. Yet, you should know by now that I have a weak  heart.

My response to Wooyoung's reaction

My response to Wooyoung's reaction

With Hands Up album, 2PM are trying to break through the magic doors of the clubhouse. I bet the password is : “Everyone(..) get your drinks up”. As a party anthem, Hands Up, delivers. It’s hip, it abounds of synthesisers, it has a nice rhythm, not too fast, not too slow, and I really see myself exercising my biceps and triceps on it. The main problem with Electricity, the second track, is that I definitely like the remix version better. I would have named this version the 0.4v remix or something like that and swap it with the 220v remix leaving it at the end of the track list.

The album as a whole is not worth listening to. There was room in it for 2 EP releases, Without U and I’ll Be Back, but the rest of the tracks are mediocre songs. With one important exception : Like A Movie. I don’t know why OneWay’s Chance decided to start composing for kpop bands. From what I’ve seen, his songs are stuck in the middle of the albums. An ingrate position for such a great artist. I’d really like him be the composer for main tracks.

Final rating : 6/10( Matrix effect )

We be dancing in the club

We be rockin' in the club

We be coolest in the club

We be goin' to the store


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