Kim Jae Seok – of the Wanted (album review)

This is the link for My Love(그녀의 매력), it was hard to find decent YT videos featuring the songs.  Wanted‘s album will be presented in another post because firstly I’d like to present to you Kim Jae Seok, one of the group’s3 (or was it 4??) voices. Ballad artists can be found a dozen a buck, the only ones that do manage to differentiate themselves are the ones that bring forth good quality composition, the key element that makes an album a good album. Or a great one. Jae Seok’s album is a great one, with interesting choices of songs, with a relaxed sound, good vocals and the overall impression of a pretentious well done project. It’s a clean-cut ballad album that manages not only not to bore the listener, but more, to make a lasting impression. Kim Jae Seok isn’t a fresh face in the world of kpop, but he’s one of the few courageous enough to take on the dangerous task of carrying an album entirely alone. No featurings of any kind. It may be because nobody really likes him, but no, I think it was very smart of him to do so. This way he manages to shine all the way through. This is the link for 2 Years ( original title 2년만에 ) I of course have my favourites : My Love, You Were Glowing, For You and 2 Years. He does remind me of Wheesung only enough to make me think of him like belonging to the same league. The greatness of this album, and of any impressive album in general, is the fact that it has no black spots. All of the songs are at least enjoyable and they made me to listen to the entire album for 3 times in a row since I started writing this review. ( Yes, I’m one of those slow writers…) Final rating : 9/10


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