Lee Min-Ki – No Kidding (album review)

I can’t say I fell in love with Min-ki’s acting in the 2 movies and 1 kdrama I saw him in. There is some potential but it’s hidden behind his awkwardness shell. Maybe his comfort zone is the music scene where he made a modest but notable debut last year with his first album : No Kidding.

He’s one of the few actors turned singers that sing for the love of singing, and also get paid to do so. The problem is that he lacks basic vocal skills. This way it was hard for me to take him seriously after listening to Eternal Summer, the main track of the album. He is struggling to vocaly sustain the melodies. Obviously, having a nice soft vocal timbre isn’t enough to save the singing but somehow, after listening to all of the songs, he manages to work things out in an interesting way. I had to give it some thought before realising that the secret lies in the composition of the songs. They suit him like a glove adding more layers to his already charismatic alien looks.

Taken individually the songs fail to impress, except maybe Dreaming or Tonite, Tonite. As an album, No Kidding has elements of disco, trance, electro-pop, funk and rock, which combined create a psychedelic mix that might be the perfect soundtrack for a chill session.
As I said before, Dreaming and Tonite, Tonite are the highlights of this album, Play My Way features a playful guitar and I would have shortened the awfully long Eternal Summer and make it stronger by adding a more powerful beat to it. Both versions of JouJou are equally horrendous but work well with the overall pattern of the album.
Final rating : 6.5/10

He think this album is kindof ok.


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