Park Jung Min – ( album review )

Like Jung Min is falling...

I’m a sucker for any song that incorporates whistles. Call it a fetish of mine, call it anyway you want, but when done properly it does give a certain charm to any kind of melody. Or is that just me and that sick mind of mine. Regardless of all this cheap talk the first track on Park Jung Min‘s solo album, Like tears are falling…, could have been an inch more playful. On the other hand, the second track, Go Go, has exactly that playfulness I needed to hear. I prefer it to Not Alone, not because the latter one is a worse song, but because it fits him better. It embraces beautifully his high pitched voice with a powerful rock’n’roll sound.

Not Alone might be a bit too much to handle for Jung Min. It yearns for a powerful voice but at the same time, correlating it to the rest of the album’s songs I think it manages to be well incorporated. It is a long time since I last heard such a marching tune inside a pop song so I find it to be an original touch.

The ballad is weak, both in the vocal part and in composition. With the last track, Everyday is Christmas, Jung Min throws in the towel and places his best soft vocals on a blues track. The sax saved the song and the ending of this chic mini album. I really am pleasantly surprised by Jung Min. His was the best album out of all of the SS501’s boys solo releases.
Final rating : 7.5/10



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