Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry

I don’t like Super Junior. I simply don’t. No hidden reason, is pure animosity. They are given too much credit when only 3-4 of them really deserve a place on a concert stage. And not necessary as a group. Another thing that I dislike about them : on live performances there’s always at least one member that’s trying hard to look bored and like not giving a shit about the audience.

Oggghhh, me likey being a star

That member that gets on my nerves is usually Heechul, but not always. I’m not saying that we should ban all big numbered boy groups because they are hard to handle. How about those other groups that manage to look professional and honestly enjoy performing ? There are lots of them. The problem lies inside Super Junior- the band. The majority of the members have better jobs than that of a singer. They usually earn their popularity by guest appearances or MC-ing on radio or variety shows which is far more appealing than delivering 2 lines on a track and learning the moves from a silly choreography.
Despite all these allegations, I do believe Sorry Sorry to be not only one of the best kpop songs ever released but one of the best international pop songs too. What makes it so special ? Well, don’t just listen to the song, watch the dance version of the MV and you will understand. The minimalistic setting, the b/w filming along with the best group choreography I’ve ever seen work their magic on turning the listening of a ordinary dance song a memorable experience.

what was I saying...

Keeping things at a certain level of balance it’s the best one can do with such a big project. The song is rich sounding so you have no choice but to make some of the voices to sound-alike, even through the use of autotune. The choreography is complex and covers all space available so keep the lights toned down and the setting at a minimalistic level. And the most important, don’t show portrait shots. This is a group song, none should outshine the others.

Sorry, sorry makes me forget the fact that it is sung by an idol group. This MV deserves its place in modern art history not only because it’s exponential for kpop, but, like I said before, it’s at an international level. I dare say it does a lesser effort to represent kpop than to be the most straightforward brilliant a standard dance track and MV can get.

I will never consider pop music to be a superficial genre, not while I’m so aware of the efforts being put in for each and every artist. I’m referring to the legions of composers, stylists, choreographers, designers, concept artists, etc. All of these people work together in order to create a brand out of a group or artist. A brand the size and level of any other product on the market, be it a popular fizzy drink, gameboy or car. Albeit the fact that they must also compete in sales with those products.
Attention is today’s tool of trade in the world of showbusiness. SJ deserved international attention and recognition for Sorry, Sorry because is one of those brilliant ideas that stand the test of time.
Final rating : 9.7/10

They went from this ...

To this (a 3/4 members SJ)

They went from this …

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