Tha says

I write reviews for the love of writing. You should know by know that people who own blogs don’t really have a social life, all the fun people are out there, doing interesting…stuff. Also, you should be aware of the fact that music isn’t really my area of expertise, but when it comes to giving unnecessary points of view, I’m an expert.

Even though my love for k-pop does come at second, I’m not the one to be that superficial and talk about something I have no decent knowledge of. You will find enough objective comments in here for the likes of almost anyone, but every now and then I will be so painfully subjective that I can only hope that the responses won’t be so harsh. I’m not really the kind of person to get hurt by an offensive commentary, but, for the sake of ethics, please bear in mind that this is a playground in which children should be able to play safely.

Because the name says korean reviews, I will not resume to only writing k-pop related articles, but also movies, tv programs and tv series related articles. There is a high chance for you to find articles about food in here too. I’m not promising anything but my appetite is almost as big as my love for k-pop is, so, let’s better be prepared.

In the end, you may have the surprise of your lifetime finding some reviews for Romanian artists you’ve never heard of. Well, I am Romanian, it’s the least I could do. Just joking. Romanian music industry produces some very good songs that should be made more popular. I am only a poor enabler.
Please, resume your comments to just complimenting me. It is easier this way. Censorship is a big trend these days.

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