B1A4 – it B1A4 (album review)

Boys, what have you done ?? We got to an agreement at the end of my last review that you’ll get rid of the cheesy cuteness in order to appeal to a more mature audience as well as to prepubescent teenagers. And you do what ? You do less singing and even more goofing around? Look at  Teen Top how beautifully they’ve evolved from their previous releases. Of course they’re not working their charms on the same public as you do, they’re more into noonas lately, but you could walk into their steps for a while instead of striving to become a teletubbie. (I have a feeling they’re slightly older than the guys from Teen Top which makes things even worse ).

I wouldn’t have been so cynical if it weren’t for this live performance of Beautiful Target. The so-called comeback on Inkigayo :

I like the Hare Krishna guy because he sings with an English lisp, but the others, the mini TOP wannabe, the pregnant one, the half-penguin-quarter-bear-quarter-human one and the I-wear-leopard-printed-pants-and-pink-spines-necklace-but-I-am-an-intellectual-because-I-have-my-glasses one, seriously now, did their stylists took a plunge into some mexican locoweeds ??? And all this pales in front of the most important issue I have to address : am I imagining the fact that for the most part of the song you’re lip-sync-ing ? Especially you, the blonde one with the sleeve-less pink jacket and the neon-green “cooler than you” shades!!

Regarding the actual album, there’s really not much I can say. I just don’t like Beautiful Target, period. I think it’s an ugly song. And similar in style to Tell Them from Block B. And what’s with this whole zum zum obsession ? There’s like 3 or 4 songs that feature this onomatopeia. Even a Romanian one has it.

In Chu Chu Chu they’re stubbornly du du du-ing  Shanice‘s motif from I Love Your Smile over and over again. Other than that it is just a mediocre r&b track with an interesting middle 8.

My Love and Fooool are generic kpop songs, nothing out of the ordinary, just bearable.

The boys had an interesting debut with Let’s Fly, the songs were catchy, they had a fresh attitude and the overall concept of the little

They looked as if they were having fun on the basketball court, like normal teenagers do.

prince was a working very well. With it B1A4, because they’re obviously exaggerating in more than one way, from cutesy gestures to clothes, all that freshness is nowhere to be found. Instead I see a bunch of late teenagers being so ridiculous on stage that even a toddler would cringe at the sight of then.

Where did the fun go ??

Final rating  : 3/10



B1A4 – Let’s Fly ( Album review )

Is it B1A4 or A1B4 ?? I can’t seem to get it right. I know it has something to do with their blood types or the fact that they are all for

one and whatever but it’s still hard to pronounce and to remember.

Anyway, earlier this year they debuted with the Let’s Fly mini album and for a rookie band I think this was a nice start. The fact that I wasn’t expecting something too pretentious helped. The boys are young, they still play the cuteness card and are full of energy. I like that in a band. I want all performances to be about them enjoying the singing, the audience and everything in between. Most kpop artist lack that. Being overly protective with your choreo and showing it, that isn’t a nice view.

The songs are fun to listen and I like the fact that they tried different styles. My favourites are Remember and Only You. The black

Weird and funny reaction on stage during choreo malfunction

sheep has to be Bling Girl, way too similar to O.K. and with a  much weaker composition.
I hope that with the next project they will get out of the comfort zone and target an older audience, not just adolescents. Not with a more mature look, but with a more mature sound.
Final rating : 7.8/10( just to encourage them to be more than just O.K. )