Infinite – Evolution ( album review )

Not just any kop boy band manages to impress me. I like to see that they bring something new, something not really original, but quality wise. One band that manages that is Infinite. The funny things is I never got to know them so much. I know there’s 7 of them,

Nichun is vexed

they’re of course good-looking but that’s all. My first contact with Infinite was through the MV for BTD. At the beginning I had the impression I’m seeing a Japanese jrock/pop band. The sound, the looks, the attitude, all drew me that picture. But let’s talk more and in detail about Evolution, the mini album.

I’ll skip the intro, as I said before, I’m not a fan of intros. The main track, BTD is a powerful pop-rock song. Is not the type of song that’s easily liked. It might have to do with its constant crescendo tone. The song builds and keeps on building up untill it suddenly ends. The breathing effects and the why-why-ning add up to that feeling of an imminent “something” that’s coming up next. You can call it a suspense song. Well, Before The Dawn something bad is bound to happen : the abuse of awful engrish :

2PM listens to their hurtbeats

“fly to the my hurt (?!?)”.

On Infinite songs you can easily notice, above the synthetic instrumentals, the clear sound of classic instruments : drums, trumpets, electric guitars. It’s a refreshing touch in an overly electronic sounding kpop. The next song, Can U Smile is not as rich sounding as BTD was but is equally enjoyable. I especially like the climax of the song and the piano solo at the end.

Hysterie has a retro-disco sound, a very catchy one and it reminds me of something Michael Jackson would sing.
I know a ballad is always needed but Voice Of My Heart is a weak one. It fails to convince me, both because their vocals aren’t all that impressive and because it isn’t a great composition.

I Don’t Know is my favourite track from Evolution. The beginning is so powerful, the chorus sounds great and I love how they make use of the electric guitar to rough things up. Is even better than BTD.
The one thing I totally despise are the rap parts. They’re too slow for the crazy rhythm of most of the songs and unbalanced. A faster pace and a lesser use of bad english would mend things perfectly.
Infinite guys don’t have outstanding vocals, but instead rely on great instrumentals and powerful stage presence. Sometimes that’s more than enough.
Final rating : 8.5/10 I have full confidence they are going to be big! DBSK big. 

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