2ne1 – First Mini Album ( review )

As I said before, I am definitely not a fan of YG and most of its artists. 2ne1 and Big Bang, both fail to impress me, only some of the solo acts do sometimes break this wall of indifference between us. What is it that the girls from 2ne1 do to annoy me ? Well, they promise much but deliver almost nothing. Same way a politician would do. They’re supposed to be this hip and powerful girl group, a kind of empowering role model for young girls and women. Instead their music fails to be something out of the ordinary.

I really have the impression their first album set the bar in terms of composition for the latter ones. The excessive use of autotune, the plethoric adlibs  and the simplistic melody lines do manage to appeal by means of catchyness, however they fail to remain memorable. Yes, I know it’s a paradox, but bear with me.  After a complete listening of the album I don’t see any of the songs as the prominent one, the main track or at least the track that should be the supporting element and reason behind the release of a mini album. Is it because I try to be most objective that I refuse to have any contact with other info about these albums before the first listening, including MVs. This way, at the moment I’m writing these words I have no idea which of the songs was used as a debut track.

So, by the time I reached this 3rd paragraph I had listened to the first track for 5 times in a row and it still sounds unfamiliar every time I press play again. Why in hell’s name does it have to be like this ? Can’t I get over my hate for YG and deliver a decent review of their artists ? Or is this grudge really justifiable ? I developed this hatred over the course of long hours of fastidious efforts to get into the Big Bang craze. I tried hard to make the difference between a solo song by Taeyang and a  Big Bang song. I’m not that insensible, wait a minute, I’m referring to the compositions. If you try to ignore the vocal parts and occasional use of rapping, the melodies and arrangements are practically the same in the cases of many of their songs. Of course, it isn’t a such an unusual practice, everybody does it. Still, in the case of YG songs it is more palpable because they hardly give their artists any r

I'm gonna kill myself out of so much joy with this tiny tiny gun!

oom to test their boundaries. They’re always kept inside the fragile shelter of “what’s hip at this very moment”.

I’m making one last appeal for divine guidance in my arduous task of writing an objective review of this mini album. Fail. The songssound so generative kpopish, so plain and boring that they manage to turn that last

song, Lollipop, featuring Big  Bang into an obscenely good song in comparison to the first 6 tracks. Albeit the fact that it was created for a CF.

Final rating : 3.5/10

Ha, that first forgettable song was indeed their debut single !