SNSD – Hoot

I’m not a big fan of any girl groups out of superficial reasons : boys and boybands give me the element of eyecandiness, girls and girl groups at the most make me jealous of their perfect figure and looks so, instead of concentrating on liking the song, I usually end up drowning in my personal pool of frustrations. ( Girl, why so dramatic ?? ). In spite of all this, I’ll talk a bit about SNSD, and, in particular, about Hoot.
World’s biggest girl group rivalry : SNSD vs Wonder Girls. I could make this the theme of my thesis but I will content myself to only writing about SNSD. Anyway, if somebody asks, I believe Wonder Girls deserve more praise.
The girls are almost complete strangers to me. I was in a hypermarket in Bucharest at the electronics corner and there was a CF featuring the girls on some of the LCDs. I tried to make use of my variety shows acquired knowledge and recognise some of them. It was too big of a challenge. Besides Sunny’s face the whole experiment was one big blur. Let’s forget this epic fail and move on.
The true problem lies in the fact that there is an obvious lack of interest in showing each member’s own individuality. This doesn’t come as a cheap excuse for my ignorance. Of course, hardcore fans know their shoe sizes and are able to recognise each girl’s voice, but I can’t. And I won’t.

I feel very uncomfortable seeing 9 girls dressed the same in silly clothing. I’m not asking for haute couture or individual styling but the way they do it it’s like a show with one weird looking girl multiplied by 9. It’s ok to dress a group of 3-4 maybe 5 girls in a similar way. There always is enough space between them not to make the view too much of an eyesore. But in the case of 9, and by arranging them in a single row or 2 parallel and complementary rows, the whole dance floor is filled. There’s really no room left for choreography mistakes.

Because of Siwon’s impersonation of an American ’50s police inspector, I have a motive to watch the MV for Hoot. He really seems like sliding into his own shoes while playing that role. It suits him so well that’s making me a bit uneasy to keep on trying not to sound too cheesy while complimenting him. Although it was a big hit, partially because of the Cupid’s arrow dance moves, I can honestly say it’s the weakest track I’ve heard from them. For once, the only ones that managed to go succesful on the retro path were the Wonder Girls and secondly, Nobody did actually have a retro sound. Hoot is nothing but a parody of retro.

The hair, outfits, gestures, choreo, image and plot of the clip turn my stomach upside down. It’s like on a doomed day, Austin Powers met all 3 of Charlie’s Angels and 9 months later we welcomed to this world 9 weird-looking children. ( Well, this would imply at least one of the Angels having triplets or sextuplets, but in fantasy world anything is possible ). All of the 60’s kitsch is put together and the most bizarre things are obviously those identical outfits, both the red/black and the silver ones, the most horrendous inventions in kpop since 2PM’s Matrix look.
The idea of splitting them into groups of 3 with separate concepts it really isn’t a bad one. Not unless you are the director of this video and you plan on doing the “weird retro American concept” on of them. If only he would have incorporated Siwon into the girl party and make him work his charms on them…
The prize for ugliest item on this clip goes tothis blonde wig.

Final rating : 4.5/10 ( They should thank Siwon )
When I was searching for a photo of Siwon from Hoot, google made fun of me saying I was actually looking for : Siwon Hot.
I’m sorry, but isn’t that a pleonastic structure ?
P.S. I feel the need to say that this was in no way a review on Siwon’s appearance in Hoot. Definitely not!

Siwon knows he's hot