Outsider – Loner

Wiki calls him a speed rapper. I gather up all of my abdominal strength and try to rap this the fastest way that I can : when you are

Minho is amazed of Outsider's rapping skills

Minho is amazed of Outsider's rapping skills

able to shoot 17 syllables per second without causing your diaphragm to snap, I say you really deserve a lot of praise and a place in kpop’s mainstream zone. But Outsider remains an outsider even in the korean music industry. I suspect it’s because he is secretly a very shy boy.

What’s more remarkable than his rapping skills is the fact that he incorporates classical music in his samplings. It is very hard to make it sound ok when combined with a pop melody, even harder to make art out of rap. I’m not saying that Outsider is that good of a rapper, but he is indeed a very good one. At least he has the technique and some raw talent, but there are many gaps in his music style.

He must learn not to make excesses. We all know he can do it, the 17 syllables thingie, but sometimes he tries too hard. Like in the case of Hero. It’s tiresome both for him and the listener. I have the impression that he is given the advice by the producers to try to promote singles that show of his special talent in the obvious detriment of musical quality. Loner is ok, but, like I said, Hero it’s too much.

I really like the MV for Loner. The best a director can do is to separate the singer from the plot. You need actors to express in a professional way the angst and suffering a love triangle can create. Let the actor suffer from an unrequited love and let Outsider chill in a fancy car. The only thing that’s disturbing is that shot in which you can see the car and Outsider in it through the open door of the apartment in which the actor is agonising. The T-Rex’s angry look through the rear window in Jurassic Park pops up in my head immediately.
Final rating : 8/10 ( because I actually am a fan of his )