Se7en – Baby, I Like You Like

( The only video of this remix I could find, from what I know this version exist on the 747 album )

I can’t say I dig the copying of the American blockbuster’s title, but Se7en is a guy I like. I like him so much that I am willing to get over the fact that he comes from the label that gave us Big Bang and 2ne1, some of the most unlikable appearances in kpop. This is me at my highest level of subjectivity. Bear with me, I’ll someday explain to you why there is so much animosity on square feet between me and YG.
Getting back to Se7en I have tostart by saying that I am oh, so glad that he started singing at the beginning of the decade. It was my favourite era in the history of pop in general. All singles had a certain je ne sais quoi that inspired relaxation. Like laying back and simply enjoying the feel good message of the track kind of relaxation. Sadly, this is no longer found in today’s pop. All the electro grew up to be like a hard to handle adolescent and things got so out of hand that autotune became a substitute for instrumentals. Of course, autotune was given birth around that time but back then it was used with extra care and the impact of it was mainly positive. Take Believe from Cher as an example. It still is considered one of the best pop songs of all time because it is innovative and timeless. Trends may come and go in pop music but every now and then there are some songs that go beyond the tests of time. There are those songs that have the melody that stands out, making the rest of the package to come in second.
After all this useless talk I should return to the actual subject of the post. My favourite track in the whole world from Se7en is : Baby, I like you like that. But the remix that’s upgraded with bits from Baby, U and has a more electric sound. If you get past the horrible adlib copied from Hot in Here by Nelly,and by this time you would have gotten used to the minimalistic beat, you will most certainly get surprised by the beauty of the melody. But even more surprisingly, you will adore the catchy melody.
Anytime I seem to have a strong crush on a track, the first thing that comes into my mind is : after how many days of keeping it on repeat will I get enough of it? Because once I’ve gotten past that threshold, any intention of going back and listen to it again will be a fruitless effort. Well, in the case of Baby, I like…, I can openly state that I have found the hidden jewel in the palace. I have hit the jackpot. I have rubbed the lamp the right way. Call it anyway you like it, I’m so infatuated with liking this song that I can’t go on writing this review.
Final rating: 9.7/10. ( I seem to have kept some trace of sanity, after all)