Guess Who – Tot Mai Sus

Guess Who makes his first appearance on the Romanian music market in 2005 as a member of Anonim, the now defunct (??) duo. The band was mentored by Ombladon, a prominent face in Romania’s hip-hop. 3 years later he makes his solo comeback and since then he has had a continuous rise. Romanian hip-hop lacks all the bling and gangster aura the American one has, but we do have our behind the block stories that are worth a tell. Should I be happy about this? Of course no. But I am more than happy that Guess Who doesn’t talk “shit about his crib” but choses to play the role of a moralist in describing the trials and tribulations of Romanian youth and society in general. You know, the usual stuff: corrupted institutions, suspicious politicians, the more and more disoriented youth and now that the year 2000 has come and gone, is there more hope for us in the year 3000?

In terms of a concept I think Guess Who is one of the few Romanian artists that were brave enough and that had the inspiration to use a logo. Those t-shirts in Manifest  (more about this song and the MV in a future post)can be seen worn by youngsters everywhere. I like these kids better than those hipsters that think Che Guevara was a rock star.

In a few words the song has a self-empowering message, talks a bit about misfits and gives moral advice to that disoriented youth to try better, to try to get higher and higher each time. The one thing that I don’t like about the song is the fact that it has no climax. This kind of song should have a crescendo tone to compliment the message. Instead, DeMoga keeps his buttocks on the piano chair for the majority of the song when he should have been jumping up and down, both vocally and physically. Am I asking for too much ?
Final rating : 6.7/10