Korean reviews – some relevant info

I have no idea how to pinpoint this exactly, some of you might be used to this by now, but I have a weird taste in music. However I’m not shy at congratulating myself for opening up through this reviews blog. I trust my gut so much that I feel no remorse in bashing things I consider superficial or in overestimating the things I like. We all do this. Whether it is a person we fancy or a rival,  chocolate or vanilla flavored ice cream, Peter Higgs or Stephen Hawking, we’ve all ran down the line of : I don’t care how good or bad this thing really is I have my own opinion so to hell with others!!

So, without further adue, this is my fabulous and completely logical rating system :

if the album has at least 3 songs that I consider great, the rating starts from 6 points, then it can work its way up or down depending on the potential of the other songs. I usually try to rate them each from 0 to 2 points and to add this up to the first rating.

Example : X’s album has 6 tracks including an intro
1. Intro
2. Main Track ( usually a dance one )
3. Dance track #2
4. Ballad #1
5. Ballad #2
6. Pop track #3
After a first full listening of the album I think 2, 3 and 5 are great tracks and grant them a full 6 points. I now continue by studying the rest of the songs a bit more attentively. 4 has good melody but isn’t as well polished as i would like it to be and 6 is as awful sounding as Gollum‘s moaning. Then we have 1 point from nr 4 and with a shameful 0 from nr 6, adding up to the 6 from before the final rating is a mere 7/10. If there were more tracks, the fairly good ones would have been rated only 0.5 points each. Another important aspect is the overall impression the listening of the album leaves on me. If I get in the right mood, the ratings can get higher.

In the case of single tracks, the algorithm contains some complicated equations, quantum physics’ notions are required for you to be able to understand it completely so I won’t even bother trying to explain anything.


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