Keeping it short -10 bits and thoughts

Well, it’s been a while. And a lot has happened in kpop utopia.

Even though I haven’t been active here I’ve been actively following new releases and listened to anything that appealed to me and I really love a lot of those new songs. Also I may have changed preferences over the last year, looking back, on some of the posts I was way too harsh , on others, let’s not call it biased, but too subjective.

I’ll keep it short and on point :

1. Way to go and steal wigs on a daily basis 2ne1. I’ve been blown away by each and every release of them, also CL’s solo. Digging the rapping and baddass attitude, although ocasionally forced or cheesy sounding, but all in all, great music, cool MV’s, good job.

In my defence I still think those first releases, up until I am the best, were a bit too similar and quite tamed. The girls had it in them to kick ass.

( to be really honest I’m having a hard time liking Happy. H-a-p-p-y?! Seriously now. Also too soon, too PharellHappy. )

2. On a similar note, loved Alive, loved TOP’s solo, loved Taeyang’s solo, loved Seungri’s solo, GD,…I don’t know. Only liked both song and MV for Coup D’état. The rest, not so much. Still jamming to Heartbreaker.

3. Among the oh so called rookies, well not all of them are still technically rookies, I loved : EXO singles ( even Wolf, I can’t believe what a silly crush I had on that crazy song ), Lee Hi’s songs, all time favourite being Rose, Ladies’ Code, Crayon Pop, B.A.P ( B.A.P , actually hit or miss for most of the times) , History, Tiny-G. Favourite new group – LC9. Stupid name. Huge potential, Great mini album. Worth tons of listens.  And a lot others. I lived with the false impression that most of the new acts are not so special, or interesting but seeing all these names constantly on my playlist, the situation is looking actually pretty good.

4. Crazy cool comebacks by Rain ( oh Rain, y u so hot !!), Epik High, Leessang, Infinite, Lee Hyori, Kahi, Miss A, block b, PSY, Sunny Hill, Ga-in, Jay Park ( really underrated) etc.

5. Somewhat dissapointed by or expected more from : Shinee, Ailee, TVXQ (biggest dissapointment, with Shinee being 2nd tier ), Super Junior, etc.

6. Still trapped in kpop limbo : U-Kiss, Teen Top, B2ST, CN Blue, Nine Muses, Secret, A Pink, ZE:A, FT Island, despite having really cool songs, choreos and/or lovely personalities.

8. What the hell, 2PM, what the hell ??

9. Biggest revelation : Cho Yong Pil ( whole album, great material ).

10. On kdrama land things for me haven’t been so exciting. Loved the Reply series, couldn’t get past episode 3-4 of any of those new Lee Min-ho dramas, and pretty much nothing else got me hooked. Oh, no, I’m lying, LooooooVED Queen In Hyun’s Man. The guy is crazy hot and the girl is pretty damn funny, both on screen and in real life. Also, talking about real life, they’re a couple. Ain’t that really cute ? I think it is.

On variety programs – I have a soft spot for 2days and 1night ( both old and new seasons ) and Immortal Song 2. ALi rocks!!!!!

Sorry about any typos. It’s been a long time and english is still not my first language.


Block B – New Kids On The Block (album review)

Does Block B have a chance to achieve the commercial success of Big Bang ? Probably not but only because Block B tries too hard to be Big Bang when instead they should realise the obvious truth that they have nothing in common with them. Even more, I dare say I find them far more appealing as a group and with an immense quantity of potential just waiting to be put to use. I honestly have to admit I have a thing for them. Let’s call it a genuine maternal affection for now. These kids managed to impress me with their debut perdormance of Wanna B and somehow worked their magic even more convincingly once I listened to all of the tracks on New Kids

This behaviour is unacceptable!

On The Block. We still have a love hate-relationship due to their annoying decision to stay inside the kpop playground. In there they have nothing new to offer and what’s worse, have nothing to learn and in no way will they evolve if they’ll keep trying so hard to tame themselves enough to please the mainstream pop lovers.

Most of the guys have interesting backgrounds having been highly active on underground stages. This gives them such an important boost ahead of other newbies to the art of performance. The underground lends you a hand by putting you an inch far from you audience and in full control of their attention. The level of intimacy you are able to attain, and I’m definitely not talking in here about getting to 3rd base with a bunch of groupies, depends mostly on your charisma. TV performances are definitely not the equivalent of concerts.

I really love the fact that each of the boys comes forth with an original rap or singing style. A perfect showcase of their skills is the actual first track on the album, Halo, and one of my personal favourites. Instead of promoting Tell Them , a no tight choreography live performance of this song on music programs would have been epic. My problem with Tell Them are the chorus and the  instrumental parts. The rapping is heartwarming, especially the pre-chorus, but then we get to that sickening sweetness of the chorus that’s nothing but a big disappointment.

One could say that U Hoo Hoofollows that same kpop recipe but I think it has the potential to be a good pop song. It hasn’t the most

Yo Zico, stop playing cute!

appealing beginning but I do like the chorus. Right from the I Love Youuu part it gets a lot better.
In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. Geesh, why on Earth would you put such a strange line at the beginning of you song ??? Wanna B doesn’t really belong to this album since it’s more of an intro track, but I guess they had no other choice since it is their most popular song. Freeze, probably their best pop song, made me grew very fond of their cute lead vocalist.
Is It Only Me ?, a mellow rap-dance song, is a pleasant surprise and my personal favourite.


As a conclusion : the boys should stick more to their strong rapping and forget about any popsy influences. The two options they have are either stick to being considered a kpop band but try not to conform themselves to its dumb rules, or dream higher.
Final rating : 8.8/10

What the hell happen to my boy Zico ? He went from this...

to this ( still cool ) rhis !! Kpop takes the fun out of people...