Rain – It’s Raining

Oh, cool sound effects that imitate thunders. Yes, Rain asking me if I am ready. Baby, for you, ready as I’ll ever be! Rain over me, rain me cats and dogs. Just humidify me. ( Is this turning too PG rated ? )
2004’s It’s Raining, is, in my opinion, one of Rain‘s best dance songs. It is so ahead of its time in terms of composition and it must have been epic to see global superstar Rain performing it live ( Why is it that sometimes I sound so groupie like ?? ). On a more serious tone, Rain was indeed the hottest thing out there untill, well, gyms and shirtless photo shootings became more popular.
The r&b touch, the deep breaths and Rain’s rough vocal timbre make the sexyness triggered hormones inside of me reach insane measures. Is like that stupid joke on drunks: “he had some traces of blood in his alcohol test”. I’m having trouble finding some red blood cells left in my Rain test.
I wonder if Rain will ever sing about the monsoon season in India. That would be the coolest thing ever !
Final rating : 9.0/10.

I like a good reason for a hot guy to show of some abs.