Crispi Crunch – Thumbs UP ( feat. Sori )

Rap duos can be found a dozen a buck in Korea, just to give you some names : Untouchables, Mighty Mouth, Supreme Team, Dinamic Duo, Leessang, of course, and many others. The newest on on the market is Crispi Crunch. Not Crispy Crunch as I was tempted to spell it because the phrase must have been TM-ed by a chocolate company.

So what is it with Crispi Crunch and its sudden rise in popularity ? I honestly thought there’s not much going on in there after I gave Thumbs Up a quick listen. A nice party anthem, with lots of growling and shouting, yet as original as the 34594th stalking cat on YouTube is today. This is what I was thinking of them until I got a tip from here that  funny stuff is going on in the video.

Hands up anyone who’s been to a club and witnessed  a guy having at least one of the behaviors depicted by the two specimens in the MV. Hands up if you’ve said meh… to at least one MV in which the singer/singers were being too conscious of themselves and the camera. And lastly, hands up all my girls who had problems in the past with taming a guy’s sexual outbursts in public. I see a sea of hands ( I’m not delusional, I hope).

Look at Hands Up video first, then watch Thumbs Up.

Do you get where I’m heading ? These guys and their producers are geniuses. Better yet, watch both the cut and uncut versions of Thumbs Up. I have no idea which one is more nutty, the cut version with all the mocking pointed at the likes of 2PM or the uncut with the hilarious shots in the closet. I don’t understand a word those two girls are saying, but I could swear it is something I’ve said on more than one occasion. And the ending with that she-male’s POV, oh, EEEPIIICC!!! Even the way they make fun of the occasional male-on-male making out fan-service, and of the idiotic and superfluous adlib-ing, and of the whole We Rock the Show – all are freaks and nerds except us attitude, and of the girl sandwich-ing… Oh, this shit is dope !!!!

Final rating : an honest thumbs up for the boys  10/10 !

We be coolest in the club












Crispi Crunch

We be jerking off in the club



Jo Sung Mo – Meet Brave (album review)

Jo Sung Mo was already one of my favourite Korean singers but after watching his live performance of I Want To Cheat On You on Music Bank I was blown away mostly by his dandy look, but also by his sincerity. Tell a girl she’s not the only one then be ready for the violent consequences. Do it through a rock song, wrap it in pure manly attitude and give her this gesture, then still prepare for some violence, but in the intimacy of your bedroom.
I Want To… is greatest when performed live. I love the manipulation of the vocals and the heavy use of electric guitars.

The Evening Passes counterbalances perfectly the aggressiveness of the first track. I am actually so infatuated with the sexyness in his voice that I’m more than willing to get past the fact that the songs don’t really impress me and give the mini album a good listen. I smoothly get pass Increasingly and get to my favourite track ( besides I Want To ), Why Do We. It may not sound so great the first time you hear but do me a favour and put it on repeat for a few times. You will know what I mean.

U&Me, the last track, is a electronic dance track  that comes as a perfect ending to a mini album which, to put it in a nutshell : feels like a soft breeze. ( Mona, you reap poetic talent ! ) Really now, it’s his voice that’s so different I get very confused. Do I like the songs because he’s the singer or I only enjoy them because of his voice ? Does it really matter if it’s one way or the other ? I think not.
Final rating : 8.5/10